Worley Clothing


Our Family

Four different people with four different personalities that decided to join the Family by sharing their passion for winter and snow sports


Camillia Berra

Coming from the French part of Switzerland, Camillia is the girl in our family. She loves spending time with her friends, but in a quiet moment, you may find her engrossed in an intriguing book.
If you think girls are weak, she’ll prove you wrong! Leaving her Worley mates in the dust, Camillia took part in the Olympic Games in Sotchi in 2014 and was part of the Swiss Freeski Team. She's definitely a high achiever!
Born to be a skier, Camillia brings the freshness of feminity into the Worley Family.

Oliver Mattich

Oliver is our super handsome skier (or at least that’s what he thinks about himself). This young skier fell in love with winter sports when he was two years old and has never stopped since. From snowboarding to snowmobiling, Oliver tried everything, but skiing has always been his passion. Sadly, winter is not a never-ending season, so in the summer, Oliver entertains himself by wake boarding and hiking.
He’s our real mountain lover, always willing to take risks in snow parks, and bringing his smooth style to many other riders.

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Federico Ballarin

Meet our snowboard guy! Hailing from the south of Switzerland, Chicco is the epitome of free spirit in the Worley family. There is never enough snowboarding (and partying) in his life.  With his easy-going attitude, Chicco loves spending time in high altitudes always ready to catch some powder (and sometimes an avalanche as well).
His friendly, laid-back style is the hallmark contribution to snowboarding adventures for the Worley brand.


Robin Eberwein

There cannot be any body without a brain. 
This young Swiss artist is the mind behind every Worley design. His ability to draw anything that is dreamed up is beyond all expectations.
Robin is the creative one in our family, able to blend his passion for graphic design and for skiing  into one masterpiece. Starting as an art student in a art High School, Robin is now studying visual communication at the university level.  Worley provides the perfect   opportunity for him to share his passion and his talent, and so far he has never let us down.