Worley Clothing

Start small, work your way up.
— Worley's motto

About: Worley Clothing

Coming in hot from the south part of Switzerland, Worley is more than a clothing department.  The brand was founded in 2014 by Martina Koley with the purpose of adding a touch of style to everyday lifestyle. Inspired by the snow community, from free skiing to snowboarding, Worley's primary mission is to create functional and stylish masterpieces for lovers of the carefree side of life.




Brand's philosophy

Created and developed in Lugano, Switzerland, Worley makes a significant contribution to the board sport industry. Its creativity mixed with basic lines, reflects the relaxed approach taken towards the frenetic world of marketing and big corporations. Expanded around the Ticino area, localism is a genuine value that leads the making of every collection. With the help of local artists and represented by young guns, Worley recalls the basics and roots of the freestyle community.